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The Monster in the Wardrobe

Naked And Exposed

No more hiding (sic)..  This is me.. My name is not Shelly. It's Michael. I am proud of me. #selfworth, #selflove #selfrespect


On A Steel Horse I Ride

I've made some pretty huge decisions in the last few days. And as is my want I'm not sure any of them are correct. The biggest and most undoable is finally giving notice on the Mausoleum I once called 'the... Continue Reading →

Miss T (Part 2)

As time went on I spent my entire life savings, some £30,000, on trying to get access to my daughter. I even had to take Lucifer to family court to find out the name, sex and birthday of Miss T.... Continue Reading →

Miss T (Part 1)

​It gives me great pleasure, not sure that's quite the right word, to write something not about me, or her, but my beautiful daughter in Melbourne, Australia. We'll call her Miss T.  I say not 'pleasure' purely because she's in... Continue Reading →

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