It seems God sends me, on a regular basis, people to fix. People who have experienced similar and even greater heartaches then myself. Death of a wife, serious druggies, dreamers, war children, lost souls, alcoholics.  I am happy to take on this. It is the least I can do after all the mistakes I have made in my life. Each one a different challenge with different variables.

My success rate is pretty good. I rarely fail in making people feel better about themselves than they did before they met me. It’s a gift I am happy to have even though it’s seriously draining and in all honesty, takes a lot out of me.

But every time I give so much of myself, it takes a little more out of me. It leaves less magic for the one person I should really be concentrating on repairing. I have always been a giver, from the bedroom, to my time, to monetary issues. I find peace in giving.

But who is ever gonna fix me if I spend all my time fixing others?

I think the answer is no one ..