Life Is Now, Jonivator Later

Dark and broken was the glass
I looked through when I saw my past
Selfish, restless, wanting more
Of what I’d lost each time before

I tried so hard to abstain from
Cravings that I disdained of
Yet, subtle with it’s ugly grip
Addiction knows when I will slip

Exploiting my own poker face
By wielding lies I can’t erase
Hidden was the road I took
Outside this window that I looked

For I had come to realize
That my own self was now disguised
By lines and creases in my face
Of memories I can’t replace

Reflections of my past are gloom
But hope and faith filled up this room
Bounded by the same desire
To quench a thirst and rest a fire

Rendering my soul to find
Regrets are best if left behind
So I can see a future’s past
That’s filled with hope
And meant to last

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