Not a great day, as if any are great but today was made far worse than normal when I received an email from the guy that attacked NG with a knife after she moved in with him whilst I was in India last year. 

He taunted me as usual until I told him I was no longer with her and that she had cancer. He laughed and told me Karma was finally catching with her. C+nt

It’s somewhat ironic that he’s walking about Scott free here in the UK and I’m facing a prison sentence for not making a single threat to her ever. My harassment was one of love, not fear. I didn’t reply to his further shit. I’ve got enough going on thanks and it’s impossible for me her anyway. But she will doubtless find out if this jerk is serious  but never underestimate anyone that waits 18 months to resurface. He said he would. His timing is impeccable. I don’t see how he can find her. 

Unlike me he has no good heart or intentions. Previously I would have thought another twist in this never ending tale that he comes back now. I’m past thinking. I’m trying to put one foot in front of the other right and that’s takes all my thinking. 

Go figure