It’s dark days right now. Two weeks until the rest of my life is mapped out. I don’t think I will survive prison. Some kind readers have written and said I will end up in hospital but they clearly don’t know about the UK mental health system. Or lack of it. I waited 8 months to be seen for my valium addiction. I was better by then. 

The fact NG has cancer will go bad for me. Harassment of a sick person by a sick person only pans out one way. They will not be interested. Last time they gave me a huge fine, a suspended sentence and 200 hours They will have to impose a custodial sentence this time. The sentence has to be greater it stands to reason. 

My solicitor has told me to bring lots of money to the hearing and an overnight bag. To survive inside. I can’t give notice on my flat or go away. I will be sacked if the story appears in our local paper, and it’s a small town.

If I even get a change to resign.

On the upside my date is confirmed. Myself and the delightful Scouse social worker will have a drink next Saturday night. 

I just hope fate and luck smile on me and it’s not our first and last meeting.

Wish me luck everyone. Please