I’m so pleased Nico Rosburg has won the world championship. 4 years of hard graft and he’s always behaved with dignity, poise and a gracious manner. I have been to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 2 previous occasions as NG’s wonderful parents live in Dubai. She has become a big fan of F1 in that time. We had some great times there. 

She quickly decided Nico was the guy she was rooting for and has supported him through thick and thin. Even if he can be frustrating at times!

So today I feel happy for him but equally as relieved for her. She will be screaming ‘Bravo Nico!’ at a Tv somewhere as I write. I wish I could see the big smile on her cheeky face. I wish we were in contact so I could text her and tell her how chuffed I am for her too. We used to share these moments so not having anyone to contact is another reminder of just how far there is between us now. And she will be sharing these moments with another I’m sure. These are the times I just can’t help but miss her intensely.

But I’m happy for her joy. I’m happy she’ll be happy.

‘Bravo Nico!’