What do you do when someone you thought a forever friend isn’t even a friend anymore? I keep asking myself: “How did I get that one so wrong?” and “How did this happen?” We went from talking every day to total silence. How did we let this happen? I miss my friend. At the same time, I’m mad at her for not being there. I want to hug, laugh like we used to, and put all this crap behind us. I also want to put a Rocky Balboa hurting on a punching bag to take out all my anger and frustration. It’s really complicated.

What would I do if she reached out to me after all this time? Hopefully I would be kind and gracious. And not get stuck about why we fell out. See my mistakes and flaws in how I acted and be better next time. And move onward and upward.

And I would stop missing them. And I would value them and not hold on too tight to ever to risk losing them again. And I would think myself lucky to have them back in my life. No matter what.