That’s all I ask. Please let the treadmill stop for long enough for me to watch 1 Sporting Event. If it was another football match I’d happily miss it like all the others in the last 3 months. CNN has been my only background din since then. The only other noise apart from my brain endlessly churning. I have vaguely noted their obvious disdain at Trump’s victory. It stopped me sitting in total silence and I am always in need of useless data to process.

Not only do I hope I can see the climax of a memorable season today, where the drinks are well overdue for a very polite and grounded German.  I am even more stressed that I won’t. That his nerve will fail him and it will go to the last race in Abu Dhabi in 2 weeks. Nice guys seldom finish first.

Too tense, too nerve racking? No, too personal. I really don’t need that.