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The Monster in the Wardrobe

Knowing The Score

I have an Australian friend staying with  me at the moment. He has recently come out of a 3 year "relationship" with a Thai Bar Girl. He's a bit of mess. He can't concentrate on anything, he's been messing around... Continue Reading →

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What A Difference A Year Makes

I believe it's exactly a year since I was looking at the inside of a police cell whilst suffering a nervous breakdown and facing the very real chance of spending Xmas in jail.  I was working a job I hated,... Continue Reading →

One Year On

Some people spend years getting over shit. I used to. It would take me months just to come to terms with the multitude of dung unravelling around me. Not any more. It’s safe to say I have achieved more in... Continue Reading →

On Holiday From My Holiday, Koh Chang, Thailand 


I still write

Just not here...  Facebook Pattaya 24/7.. my new group with over 10,000 members in a month.. do please come and check it out ...

Let The Party Continue!

Woohooo! My retirement visa came through today, 2 weeks early. I doubt I could be any happier! The Changs' are on me! 😎😁🍺🍻.. will update properly when my Laptop arrived from the UK I'm a few days.. Can't be dealing... Continue Reading →

24 Happy Hours A Day

Apoligies for my silence of late. It's been a fairly frantic time for me in this faraway paradise I now call home. And I've gone through so many changes I wanted to get my head cleared before I committed my... Continue Reading →

The Day Facebook Saved My Life.

So much has happened recently I don't quite know how to begin this entry, how to compose it or how to start it. So I'll jump right in. I'm homeless. Officially. I have a hotel room, from where I write... Continue Reading →

Too Soon? 

I suppose the inevitable has happened. I've met someone, someone lovely. I didn't mean to. As always these things just happen. But is it too soon? I've only been single 5 months. So do I keep travelling, keep putting me... Continue Reading →

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