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The Monster in the Wardrobe

Knowing The Score

I have an Australian friend staying with  me at the moment. He has recently come out of a 3 year "relationship" with a Thai Bar Girl. He's a bit of mess. He can't concentrate on anything, he's been messing around... Continue Reading →

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3 Years On

On a paradise island, it's much easier to watch..

I’ve Really Let Myself Go

Since I moved to Thailand...

The Forecast 

Little cloudy and currently 23 heading to 29. Humidity 60% and UV low. The forecast is for stuffing our faces and drinking until we can no longer stand up. Merry Christmas everybody. If you are on your own today, you're... Continue Reading →

What A Difference A Year Makes

I believe it's exactly a year since I was looking at the inside of a police cell whilst suffering a nervous breakdown and facing the very real chance of spending Xmas in jail.  I was working a job I hated,... Continue Reading →

One Year On

Some people spend years getting over shit. I used to. It would take me months just to come to terms with the multitude of dung unravelling around me. Not any more. It’s safe to say I have achieved more in... Continue Reading →

I still write

Just not here...  Facebook Pattaya 24/7.. my new group with over 10,000 members in a month.. do please come and check it out ...

Let The Party Continue!

Woohooo! My retirement visa came through today, 2 weeks early. I doubt I could be any happier! The Changs' are on me! 😎😁🍺🍻.. will update properly when my Laptop arrived from the UK I'm a few days.. Can't be dealing... Continue Reading →

24 Happy Hours A Day

Apoligies for my silence of late. It's been a fairly frantic time for me in this faraway paradise I now call home. And I've gone through so many changes I wanted to get my head cleared before I committed my... Continue Reading →

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