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The Monster in the Wardrobe

Knowing The Score

I have an Australian friend staying with  me at the moment. He has recently come out of a 3 year "relationship" with a Thai Bar Girl. He's a bit of mess. He can't concentrate on anything, he's been messing around... Continue Reading →

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On Holiday From My Holiday, Koh Chang, Thailand 


I still write

Just not here...  Facebook Pattaya 24/7.. my new group with over 10,000 members in a month.. do please come and check it out ...

Let The Party Continue!

Woohooo! My retirement visa came through today, 2 weeks early. I doubt I could be any happier! The Changs' are on me! 😎😁🍺🍻.. will update properly when my Laptop arrived from the UK I'm a few days.. Can't be dealing... Continue Reading →

24 Happy Hours A Day

Apoligies for my silence of late. It's been a fairly frantic time for me in this faraway paradise I now call home. And I've gone through so many changes I wanted to get my head cleared before I committed my... Continue Reading →

The Day Facebook Saved My Life.

So much has happened recently I don't quite know how to begin this entry, how to compose it or how to start it. So I'll jump right in. I'm homeless. Officially. I have a hotel room, from where I write... Continue Reading →

Too Soon? 

I suppose the inevitable has happened. I've met someone, someone lovely. I didn't mean to. As always these things just happen. But is it too soon? I've only been single 5 months. So do I keep travelling, keep putting me... Continue Reading →

Too Much Chocolate

Too much of anything, even things you love doing, can be not so good. I think that's where I'm currently at. Without putting too fine a point on it, I've been having so much fun lately that I've barely had... Continue Reading →

One Day

Nishe One day you’re going to meet someone who makes you look forward to waking up because they’re right next to you. This person is going to be different than the rest. It’ll be this connection neither of you can... Continue Reading →

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